The Afghan Tales


I do not  only do wedding and family photography but also think that there is always place for something different and creative
so  sometimes I take on board different fashion/ editorial projects.
One of the projects I was recently working on was based on Afghan Tales - stories that were collected in the tribal areas of the Pakistan-Afghan, a region once described as ‘the last free place on earth’, where the caravan routes from Persia, India and China historically converged.

Working with a great team of makeup artists, Avizeh- Ethnic Afghan Jewellery & Clothing and beautiful models we have created something really beautiful together 
 so so happy about the results!  :)


Mua: Reena Parmar , Jabeen
Hair :@hair_by_haj
Model: Nargis Javany , Faeiiza

Location: Souk Medina / Bazaar (London)