Let me introduce myself  :)

Hey there!


I'm Kristine-  wedding and lifestyle photographer based in London and Kent, United Kingdom.


I am absolutely in love with what I do - photography is my lifestyle and biggest passion, therefore I want to help to create as many beautiful and warm memories for people around the Globe as I can! :) 

I not only cover weddings and lifestyle photoshoots in UK but travel anywhere in the world to capture love, emotions and happy people.


When you think photography-  think in a longer timescale .. as a kid, did you enjoy looking through your old family archives, seeing your family's history: weddings, gatherings, welcoming of new family members etc?

As you have landed on my website I can make a guess that you did and good photographs that hold your precious memories mean as much for you as they do for me :)

So, yes, my goal is to create photographs about you and happy moments in your life,  to capture a visual story that will serve a good memory for you and for many generations to come.


Each couple is special and every wedding and photoshoot is unique, 

but one thing that brings all my clients together is - LOVE.  

Love to each other, love to your families, love to adventure and beautiful imagery, love to ..love if you like :)



Working as a destination wedding photographer and have travelled to a number of beautiful destinations such as Italy, Malta, Portugal, Germany, Canada, Latvia, France, India and of course I cover weddings in the UK :) 

I hold a valid EU passport so I am happy to travel anytime and anywhere you would like my travelling feet to go to! 


Travelling with camera in my hand is really inspiring.

New places, people, architecture, food  and climate are something that all make up the story of the day and it’s the details of a wedding I love to capture as well as all the emotions. Being a destination wedding photographer is something I love so much that  I often arrive a day or two beforehand to prepare best as I can for your Special day. 

I like to think of myself as a friend with a camera who has come along for the ride, rather than a photographer who wants to rush off to photograph the next thing on the list. Destination weddings are full of fun and incredibly memorable for everyone there.

Believe me when I say that I enjoy the day as much as anyone else!


I take photos of big beautiful weddings as well as small and intimate events and elopements. And I absolutely enjoy covering the whole process of the wedding day! 

From bridal prep and the moment when bride puts her dress on to the moment when father of the bride gives her away and the groom sees her for the first time. First kiss as husband and wife, First dance, all the happy faces of your parents, friends and relatives.. Believe me-  these emotions are priceless and worth capturing!


If you have an idea in mind about  your special day and the way you see it - I'd love hear more and become a part of your unique love story! :)