albert. 6 months.

alberts. 6 months.

Some people go to a photo studio and have their photos taken against the backdrop..Some families, but  not my clients.

I strongly believe that if you really want to save your  family's memories for longer and keep them as personal as possible so that your kids and, most likely , yourself, would remember the happy times spent together it is always a good idea to do a photoshoot in your family home. Doesn't matter if it was a rented place or your own, - it was a place that  your heart belonged to at the time images were taken. Time goes by, people change their habits, move countries, kids are growing and everything in this World around us is changing..I believe that  images taken at a certain period of time in your  life truly depict history of your family and this is why when it comes to family  photoshoots I always try to make them as personal and unique to every family as I can. 

meet Liga, Kristers and little Albert

cool, stylish and loving family of three :)